At Talina Edwards Architecture, we love hearing from our happy clients –  this is THE best outcome for our projects! We love getting feedback and knowing that our Architectural Services had a positive impact and added value to people’s lives. Here’s what some of our lovely clients have had to say:


“I just (want) to say how fantastic your work is.  I just absolutely love what you have done with the screen at the reception area and turning the desk around is a fabulous idea.  I have had the glass man & joiner in today and they have measured up based on the dimensions and it was soooo much easier to show them your drawings.  They were very impressed with your work too.  You have been a blessing to me, I cannot thank you enough.  The whole design is just so perfect.  Thanks also for the tips on the various other aspects of the healthy things to use.

Again, you are so fabulous – I can’t thank you enough as it is so good to be able to see things as they will look. Thanks again for all your great ideas. You were instrumental in getting us all the same page with your drawings and I have already recommended you to so many people.  I hope it transposes to some great future clients for you.”

– Leonie Spencer, Lifestyle Travel 

Interior Design Architecture Ballarat Victoria





“Working with Talina has been a breeze, her professionalism, turn around time and issue resolution have been excellent, we could not have better support, especially since we are working remotely with her from overseas.

Since this is the first time we have used an architect we asked friends who had and were very nervous as no one had been very happy with the creativity and understanding of their needs, style, etc. Talina has understood us from day one and has delivered concepts, floor plan layouts, renderings, material selections, etc all to our liking and vision. To achieve this, Talina took the time to listen and understand us rather than delivering something she wanted, maybe to simply add to a portfolio.

The design Talina has come up with for our major extension will be stunning and should be shown to others. The modern approach with some new and classic material selections will have us very happy in our home for years to come.

Since we are on a smaller block we require town planning permits in addition to a building permit. Talina has taken care of all this work on our behalf and handled things very professionally, consulting with specialists as required to ensure we have the smoothest possible process.

We have enjoyed working with Talina on our project so far and are excited to see it through to completion with her professional support.” 

Ballarat Architect Builder Sustainable Design Eco Green Environmental

Matthew Davis & Brad Atkins

“When Ollie (Ollie Callander) and I decided to open a hairdressing studio we had so many ideas and images that we were wanting to use for each aspect of the salon, but little idea of how to put these all together or even if they would “fit” the space we had.

Talina’s expertise was invaluable at helping us to envisage the overall design scheme of the salon…especially with the use of a 3D model.

Talina’s design was exactly what had in mind, and she went above and beyond to help us in any way we needed.

Our studio has a warm, inviting feel but is also a very efficient space to work in. Our clients often comment on how nice it is to walk into such a comfortable environment.

We can’t praise Talina enough for her help with our exciting new adventure!”

Hair Salon Miller and Co Hampton Architec

Lisa Miller, Co-owner at Miller & Co Studio





“My husband and I bought a house that was built in the 1930′s. We knew the house needed to be upgraded but had great difficulty deciding on a design.

Talina asked many questions relating to what we wanted and was very helpful in putting all our ideas on paper. Also, we had never renovated before so Talina’s advice was invaluable.

We love the house. Thanks Talina!”

House renovation Geelong Victoria Australia Sustainable Design Consultant

Kym Gibson, Geelong




“We are beginning to feel settled [4.5 years after the fires] and the house has most certainly provided a calm haven for our family.

We are very happy.

The space and environment you have created for us works as we hoped, that is nothing short of magical for us!

When family and friends ask me about the work of “the Architect[s]”, I am reminded of the inscription on Christopher Wren’s tomb… ULTRA NONAGINTA, NON SIBI SED BONO PUBLICO. LECTOR SI MONUMENTUM REQUIRIS CIRCUMSPICE…not for his own profit but for the public good. Reader, if you seek his monument – look around you.

I do every day Talina! Thank you.”

Bill Coppinger,



“I was very impressed with the service Talina offered! My budget didn’t allow for an architecturally-designed and built home, but the design-service and advice Talina provided allowed me to design my home in such a way that my heating/cooling costs will be minimal.

Her advice on my floor plan, site plan and construction materials has been invaluable. Talina also made the effort to inspect the site and I am confident the advice she has given me will show benefits for many years to come.”

Sustainable Designer Eco Architect Consultant Advice Buninyong Building New House

 Kristen Bell, Scottsburn



“Talina helped us with the concept design phase of our renovations. She took into account our current space and its use and helped us to translate our many ideas into a real (3D) design.

We found this 3D design (which we could access at any time throughout the build) has made it so much easier to make decisions about a range of things.

Talina has been very easy to communicate with and really came on board with our project with enthusiasm and commitment. Talina’s knowledge of, and commitment to sustainable design was so valuable during the design process and in our choice of materials for the build.

Thanks Talina.”

Lisa Brock, Hepburn Springs


“Your (Site Review) is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you. You gave me such practical advice and you had ideas that I would never of thought of. Most importantly I know the order in which I will start my renovations. It just goes to prove that everyone can benefit from an Architect knowledge, even if your budget is low.”

Wendy Adams, Ballarat