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Creative Cubby Project at Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2015

Here’s some images from our Creative Cubby Project event at the 2015 Ballarat Heritage Weekend. This year’s theme was “A Century of Service”, and we were commissioned by The City of Ballarat for the “In Their Boots” children’s’ activities. We designed and constructed an interactive maze-like installation that replicated World War 1 trenches for the”Kids Trail”, that was fun, educational…

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How much fun is a cardboard box?!

   Here’s a few pix from our Creative Cubby Project at the Ballarat Begonia Festival Weekend to show you just how much fun a cardboard box (or dozens of them!) can be!

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The Creative Cubby Project is back!

Our fabulous Creative Cubby Project which teaches kids more about sustainability and design while making eco-cubbies out of recycled materials, is back! We will be at the Ballarat Begonia Festival THIS Weekend (Sat 7th – Mon 9th March)! For those who don’t know, Ballarat Begonia Festival was the 2014 winner of “Australia’s favourite event”! It is FREE with loads to see and…

Creative Cubby Project Ballarat Show Flyer

Creative Cubby Project – Ballarat Show 2014

You probably know by now that I’m not “just an architect” (nor just a mother), but that I also love sharing my passion with others about sustainable design, often by writing and speaking about it, and being involved with the local community. I’ve been involved with a fabulous project with a great team that brings…

5 Architecture Gift Ideas for Kids

Do you know a little creative person who loves architecture? They might love building cubbies and forts, constructing sand-castles or making dolls-houses for their toys out of cardboard boxes! However if you need a few MORE ideas for what else they might like for Christmas, here are my top five gift ideas for encourage your…

The self-doubting creative soul… sound familiar?

Recently I’ve been thinking about creativity, passions, dreams, and also about fear, self-doubt, and a lack of confidence and courage. I’m probably not alone here. What am I afraid of? Failing. Making a mistake. But I’m human, we all make mistakes. Fear shouldn’t stand in the way of our dreams. I know I can learn…