Habitus House

The Habitus House was designed as outstanding architectural environmental quality in a neighbourhood of conservative character. The form of the house has been carefully composed and artuculated to respond directly to the scale and forms of the immediate context. While distinctly different from its neighbours, it sits well within the streetscape. Solar passive design principles are used to maximise northern solar gain from the backyard. The material pallette of concrete block and radially-sawn timber were chosen for their natural colour and texture to avoic the need for applied finishes – reducing maintenance and chemicals. The interior finishes were designed to meet guidelines of the asthma foundation for improved indoor air quality. Spaces on the ground floor were designed with accessibility in mind, to allow for wheelchairs. The native garden is drough-tolerant and utilises grey-water collection, and the harvested rainwater which is stored in an underground tank in the backyard.

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About the architects

At Talina Edwards Architecture: elemental design studio, we are passionate about helping you create a beautiful, healthy, comfortable, functional & sustainable home (& life!) you love,  that doesn’t cost the earth.”

Elemental Design

What is 'elemental design'? We believe this is the holistic approach to architecture that results in the best outcome for your project. The benefits of combining our building-science expertise with our intuitive approach results in soul-enriching homes that not only feel special to be in, but are also comfortable, healthy, resilient and energy-efficient.

Certified Passivhaus Design

We believe in delivering the healthiest, highest-performing and lowest-energy buildings in the world, with proven performance thanks to rigorous building-science and the international passivhaus standard. Talina and Mia are both Certified Passivhaus Designers.

Biophilic Design

What is biophilic design? We all have deep desire to be connected to nature, and this experience can bring us joy and improved wellbeing. Our projects are designed to with this in mind - aiming to engage all of our senses, with consideration of all the elements, which leads to a more enriching experience of the architecture.

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