Our elemental design approach to designing is a holistic consideration of all elements that make your home more comfortable, healthy and sustainable. Everyone’s priorities are slightly different with values and budgets, but here’s a list of the elements that we generally include with our architectural designs:


RETHINK: reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, remake, refuse, remember, respect, restore

“just-enough”- sized home

efficient use of existing resources/building structure

use less of earth’s precious resources

sustainable development to do less harm

regenerative development to give back to the earth



solar passive design principles

orientation for passive solar heat gain in winter

summer shading

natural cross-ventilation / stack-ventilation

natural passive evaporative cooling

double-glazed / triple-glazed windows

Insulation (to roof, walls and floor)

thermal mass 



biophilic design approach (click here for more info)

connection to nature

Improved wellbeing


healthy home design

non-toxic materials and products

fresh air supply

minimise pollutants to indoor air quality


passivhaus (click here for more info)

continuous insulation


insulated glazed units with no thermal bridging

mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

filtered fresh air for healthy indoor environment

stable comfortable indoor temperatures all year 

no issues with condensation or mould-growth

elimination of thermal bridges


sustainable building materials

healthy materials

natural building materials

locally-sourced materials

durable materials

recyclable or recycled materials

bushfire fire-resistant materials


renewable energy

off-grid / solar-powered / green-power

all-electric home (no fossil fuels)

solar hot water (air-sourced heat pump)

energy-efficient reverse-cycle split system air conditioners

induction cook top & electric ovens

led light fittings



rain water collection

grey water re-use



liveability australia guidelines



connection to the outdoor environment

outdoor living rooms

permaculture gardens

productive kitchen gardens / orchards

drought-tolerant gardens