Our Elemental Design Philosophy

"Elemental" design for us is about the fundamental elements of our lives... we need food, water, air and shelter for survival. For the first three, it is preferable these should be as fresh and pure as possible; un-contaminated and un-polluted, for our health and wellbeing. We believe "shelter" and comfort (or "home") is just as important, and it too should be comfortable, healthy, and not cause pollution (or depletion of our earth's resources) in its day-to-day operation, its construction or in the manufacturing of its components. Ancient Chinese philosophy talks about the five elements in terms of earth, air, water, wood and fire... and these are inextricable linked to our sustainable design philosophy. We also believe there is a fifth element needed for survival beyond just food/water/air/shelter....   "love" (connection/care/compassion). Without love for others, love for our planet, love of what we do, what is the point? At Talina Edwards Architecture, we LOVE what we do.... and we care about helping you get your 'elemental shelter' (sustainable home) that won't cost the earth...



Our Sustainable Design Philosophy

We believe that sustainability needs to be a holistic approach, encompassing the following elements:

Social sustainability: (PEOPLE) To be honest, it is all about YOU! That is where architecture is different to just 'building' - we are designing YOUR home to meet your unique desires for YOUR specific site, so you can live a better life. This includes YOUR functional, physical, and aesthetic requirements for your project. So the social side of sustainability is very important! This includes your health and wellbeing (comfort, natural light, fresh air, quality of life).  Well-designed sustainable architecture can also have a positive effect on the wider community.

Environmental sustainability: (PLANET) So of course we can't be comfortable and healthy and enjoy a great life if we don't look after the environment. The wellbeing of our planet is imperative. We have this in mind with every decision we make in our practice, including incorporating solar passive design principles, responsible use of resources, energy-efficient homes, honest materials, aiming for minimal waste, non-polluting, and creating a positive relationship between built environment and natural environment.

Economic sustainability: (PROFIT) The wellbeing of your wallet is also important! We take this into consideration through efficient design and sensible design solutions that will help reduce running costs over your building’s life span, and make with smart choices about future flexibility and adaptability so that you have save money. In terms of our business, we know that without some profit we can't continue to improve our services and provide more value to our clients, so it is not the top priority, but realistically can't be ignored to be a thriving practice.

Spiritual sustainability: (PURPOSE) This should perhaps come first! This is the reason WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Having a sense of purpose makes life more meaningful, and by being more ethical and authentic, we can all make a positive difference in the world. So we hope that our values will align with your values, and we will collaborate and create something really special together!


Our Services Philosophy

At Talina Edwards Architecture, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional architectural services, that are delivered in a friendly, down-to-earth way. We understand that the building process is a big deal, so want to make sure it is as easy as possible for you to enjoy the journey with minimal stress. We are here to listen to your needs and wants, and to help guide you on your dream-home journey, as a collaborative process. Find out what some of our happy customers are saying here.


Our Values

Do we share the same values and ethos?
CARE FOR NATURE (sustainability & regenerative ethos)
COMPASSION & COMMUNICATION (relationships with people & place)
COLLABORATIVE (valued team-player)
CONTINUING EDUCATION(desire to grow/learn)
CONFIDENCE ("can-do" attitude)
CREDIBLE (integrity/authenticity/honesty)
COMMITTED (dedicated & passionate)



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