Architecture has been described as a balance of science and art. 

It is about the physical and the experiential. 

It is the culmination of intellectual theory, and intuitive creativity.

It is both left-brain and right-brain thinking.

This balancing act is paramount to our philosophy of taking a holistic approach to all our projects.


In addition to our expertise in structural design, building-science, thermal-performance, energy-efficiency and indoor air quality, we also want to create spaces that enrich your experience of inhabiting the building. This is important for sustainability, but also for human health and wellbeing.


Biohphilia is our deep desire to connect with nature. This is why we feel better when we’ve spent time in the great outdoors, at the beach, bushwalking, lazing in the shade of a tree, appreciating the sunset, or gazing at the moon. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, the aim of Biophilic Design is to enhance our connection to nature when we are inside. There are studies to show that this improves our health and wellbeing, can help us feel less stressed, and be more productive. 

Biophilic Design connects us with the changing seasons. 

Biophilic Design can bring us joy as the place engages with all our sense – not only sight – but also sounds, smells, textures, and perhaps tastes too. 

Biophilic Design utilises all the elements for a rich experience – earth, air, fire, water, and wood.

This connection to nature also helps nurture our sense of responsibility to care for our planet.

Here’s some design features that may be included as part of a biophilic design response:

  • Natural daylight
  • Play of light and shadows and silhouettes that delight
  • Glorious sunshine on a winters’ day
  • A cool breeze in summer
  • The rustling of autumn leaves
  • Sound of spring rain falling
  • A view to drifting clouds
  • The warmth and texture of natural materials like timber and stone
  • An element of surprise and delight as you journey through your home
  • A cosy place to feel safe from the world (Prospect & Refuge theory)
  • A large bright spacious area for connection with family and friends 
  • Indoor Plants and visual/physical connection to nature outside 
  • Smells of fragrant flowers
  • Sound and sight of the movement water
  • Primal desire to be sitting in front of a fire on the coldest nights
  • Curves, patterns, textures
  • Artworks that you love