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Finding Equilibrium

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When the Parlour team asked me to be a part of this inspiring series of Letters to my younger self, they posed a few questions I could reflect upon. The BIG question that is always asked is about work-life balance, and the answers are as elusive as the quest for the holy grail… So, this sets the scene for my letter, and I realised that as I was composing this, I was also tuning into my future self to give me the advice I need to heed right now.


Dear younger self, Continue reading

Inspiring Ballarat Women Leaders (Parlour Instagram Guest-Host Series)

Talina Edwards Female Architect New Homes Houses Renovations Extensions Rural Central VictoriaThis post is part of my #Ballarat series of guest posts for Archi Parlour on instagram.

This series is all about Ballarat’s Inspiring young women leaders. Parlour is all about supporting women in architecture, but since there are only a small handful of female architects in Ballarat,  I wanted to introduce you to some of my tribe of inspiring women who are doing quite diverse roles in the community. They include photographers and videographers, creative professionals, architects, artists, mentors, a councillor, and the founder of a local women’s charity…read on to find out if anyone you know is featured here! Continue reading

Parlour Instagram Guest-Host: Ballarat Series

Talina Edwards Female Architect New Homes Houses Renovations Extensions Rural Central VictoriaThe Australian Archi Parlour is a fabulous website full of helpful research about women, equity and architecture.

PARLOUR: a space to speak – bringing together research, informed opinion and resources; generating debate and discussion; expanding the spaces for women in Australian architecture.

Last year I supported their crowdfunding campaign which raised funds for their ongoing research. As part of my ‘reward’ for supporting their cause, I was the guest host guest host over at the Parlour’s instagram account for one week back in December. I was honoured to have the opportunity to showcase some of Ballarat favourite heritage buildings, some contemporary architecture, and some inspiring local women who are helping lead Ballarat to a better future.

 “We are handing over the Instagram account to a different host every week. This is an opportunity to present a complex picture of architecture and the people involved in it.”

As I was able to choose my theme, I decided that my three posts each day would be in each of these categories:
  1. Ballarat heritage architecture
  2. Ballarat contemporary architecture
  3. Ballarat inspiring women

So there was a total of 21 posts, with seven in each category. It was quite difficult to narrow down my selections! I’ll be sharing these posts here on blog in the coming weeks, and I look forward to hearing which are your favourites!

Each post was tagged #ParlourInstaGuest so if you want to follow along and see the amazingly diverse range of posts from all of the guests over the past 6 or so months, and into the future! Oh, and I can be found at instagram here if you’d like to connect: @talina_edwards

Are you on instagram too? Leave me a comment below with your handle so we can connect!

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