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Sustainable House Day 2018 – Sunday Sept 16th



It’s that time of year again – Sustainable House Day is just around the corner!

You can find all the details here of inspiring houses open near you.

We are excited to share that one of our projects will be open this year – a rare opportunity to see a certified* Passivhaus under construction. This is the perfect time to see the air-tight layer, how the triple-glazed windows are installed, the MVHR ducting in place and the location of insulation to walls/roof/floor, prior to everything being clad and lined and hidden away! (This is all the good stuff that turns the average building envelope into a super low-energy construction, and will be a very comfortable house.)

Our certified Passivhaus builder, Stuart Lee, from Craftsmen Quality Builders will be there with his Blower Door Testing kit to explain more about air-tightness. We’re very grateful to our wonderful clients for generously opening their doors to share their passion and knowledge about their home – with the aim to inspire others!

*We are aiming for Passivhaus certification but this can only be confirmed once the construction is complete, the blower door test proves the air-tightness, and our certified Passive House consultant has had their data and calculations cross-checked… fingers crossed!

You can find all the details about visiting our Owl Woods Passive House in Trentham here.

If you would like to download our free PDF info sheet about the sustainable specifications of this project, please click here: SHD2018 Owl Woods Passive House Notes 

Thanks also to the Australian Passive House association for also sharing this home on their website. They’ve also mentioned a few others that are open if you fancy a checking out a few different Passive Houses that are complete, when planning your day.


Currently under construction

Air-tight layer and triple-glazed windows installed

Sub-floor insulation

“Owl Woods” – look at them perched up on the birdhouse!

Recycling construction waste on site

Raised heel roof trusses for extra ceiling insulation

Oriented for Passive Solar Gain to north

Ducting for MVHR installed

Triple-glazed windows installed and taped to air-tight membrane

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It’s all about comfort! (2016 South Pacific Passive House Conference Melbourne #SPPHC2016)

I recently wrote this review for the ArchiTeam newsletter ‘Datum’ – the original article appeared here and if you’re wondering ‘What is Passive House?’, you can read more about this in my previous post.


It’s all about comfort! (2016 South Pacific Passive House Conference Melbourne #SPPHC2016)

Ballarat Central Regional Victoria Home Design Green Building Eco Sustainable Renovations



Comfort, you say?

  • Not too hot, not to cold – just right, always.
  • Healthy indoor air quality.
  • Calm, peaceful spaces.
  • A place for well-being.

Hands up who wants a home with these qualities?!

Heading along to the Passive House Conference in Melbourne recently, organized by the Australian Passive House Association, I was expecting a lot of technical information over the two jam-packed days. There were 24 presentations, plus workshops and a tradeshow. However, the biggest message from the local and international experts was to remind us that Passive House is all about occupant comfort, and this is achieved with well-designed (& well-built) passive buildings envelopes. This might sound obvious, but so often with discussion of the Passive House standard, the focus shifts to discussions of energy-efficiency and also the mechanical-ventilation system (which is really only a small component). Continue reading

So what is ‘Passive House’?

Passivhaus Sustainable Eco Green Architect Building Renovation Ballarat Buninyong Daylesford Castlemaine Woodend Blackwood GeelongIf you are at all interested in sustainable building, it is highly likely you have heard of ‘Passive House’.

Passive House (also known as Passivhaus where it originated in Germany) is an international method or technical standard of designing and construction a building to achieve a very high level of energy-efficiency, with little or no heating or cooling required. It is not to be confused with Solar Passive Design Principles (which includes orientation/natural ventilation/insulation/shading/thermal mass etc.) although most of these principles can still play a part in the overall design.

It is not an architectural style, but more concerned with the building science of how the building is put together and how it performs.

Here’s a super simple 90 second explanation for you:  Continue reading