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Happy 1st Birthday to our blog!

Talina Edwards Architecture is a Ballarat-based studio, specialising in sustainable design, green buildings and healthy homes. 


Hey, Guess What?! It’s our birthday! Yes, its been one year whole since this blog began! So to celebrate, I thought I’d share a few stats, and a recap of the posts…you never know, you might’ve missed out on something you’d like to go back and check-out. Grab yourself a slice of birthday cake and a glass of bubbly (or a cuppa tea!), and settle in for some reading!

So this post is our 28th. Which means on average, a new post goes up about once a fortnight. There are 15 main categories for the posts: Architecture, Ballarat, Creativity, Design, Environment, Folio, Food, Gift Ideas, Green Building, Inspiration, Musings, Newsletters, Recycling, Sustainability, and uncategorised. According to the site statistics, there’s been over 4000 views of the blog, and 130 comments, which sounds pretty good to me, for a “new kid on the blog” ;o)

Here they all are (in chronological order):

The first day of the rest of my (amazing) life! (The reason behind why this blog began in this first place, or what kicked my butt into action!)

“You are what you eat” (In answer to a question I often get asked)

When I grow up, I want to be… (the answer is obvious, isn’t it?)

The self-doubting creative soul… sound familiar? (You too? Or perhaps not)

“So, what is your blog about?” (An old fave)

Transform: Altering the Future of Architecture (Review of Women in Architecture seminar in Melbourne)

Five ways to acknowledge World Environment Day (Relevant for every day!)

The secret recipe for great buildings! (Do you know what it is?)

What is democracy? Visit M.A.D.E. to find out (Review of one of Ballarat’s newly renovated public buildings)

The future is ‘green’ for big roofs (Review of Ballarat Green Drinks event + more)

Talina Edwards Architecture FOLIO project: “Miller and Co Studio” (A little project we did last year)

Spring has sprung! (Seasonal musings)

5 Ways To Celebrate World Architecture Day! (Or if you’re at all interested in Architecture and Building Design, take a peek!)

Design is not a dirty word! (Truly, it’s not. But it has does have a bit of a bad reputation!)

5 Recycling Ideas When Building Your Home (reduce/re-use/reclaim/salvage/up-cycle) (Love some recycling tips!)

5 Architecture Gift Ideas for Kids (For christmas or birthdays, these are for all kids to encourage creativity!)

5 things to buy an Architect for Christmas…(*hint hint*) (Hmmm, this was a very popular post, yet I didn’t receive ANY of these gifts last year…?!)

My big-hearted tribe (A shout-out to Big Hearted Businesses)

Our *first* Newsletter! (Well, we wanted to share it here too)

A Creative Conversation (Review of a fabulous workshop I attended here in Ballarat)

Season’s Greetings! (The obligatory Xmas Card)

Talina Edwards Architecture February Newsletter (Another update from the studio)

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions (Felt like I needed to!)

World’s Biggest Green Drinks Ballarat (Review of local event and insightful speaker)

Folio Flashback: Sustainable House, Malvern (Still love this house!)

Starting out on your green home journey? Ballarat’s ‘Smart Living and Building Expo’ (& we) can help! (Review and some pretty pics)

WHY do sustainable design? (Why do you think?)

So I’ve covered some local Ballarat (and Melbourne) events, talked about design and creativity, given advice in the form of “top five tips”, showcased some folio projects for Talina Edwards Architecture, written about seasonal events, talked a bit about who I am, and of course the posts are always somewhat related to architecture and my practice, sustainable design, green buildings and healthy homes.

The future of the blog is going to take a slightly more focused path for a bit as I concentrate on the “Sustainable Design” series of informative articles where I aim to help answer your questions, starting with our recent post on WHY do sustainable design?  I’ll of course also be covering what, where, when, who, and how…plus much more detail into the “what” and how sustainable / eco / green / energy-efficient design can benefit you and your home. (I’ll still continue to post some other topical news too).

Looking forward to sharing some of this with you all – as this is what I’m passionate about, as an Architect who specialises in this field.


PS I LOVE reading your comments, and responding to your queries…so please, say something in the comments box below. Do you have a favourite post of ours? Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? Maybe you’d just like to say hi, and happy birthday! Just you stopping to by to read is THE best birthday gift of all – so a big thank you – I really appreciate it! x

Talina Edwards Architecture February Newsletter


Why, hello there!

Sorry we’ve been a little bit quiet of late…we took a wee break (err as in Scottish for ‘small’, not the other kind!)

Anyhoo, we’ve just sent our latest little newsletter out to our mailing list… did you receive yours? If not, pop on over here to have a squiz, and you can subscribe to receive your very own copy delivered to your inbox each month!

Generally we try to share a bit of news about what Talina Edwards Architecture is up to, we like to do a little BIG SHOUT-OUT to someone or something that we reckon is pretty special, we’ll update you on blog posts and articles you may have missed about all things sustainable design and healthy-homes, and we also like to share something a bit inspirational like a quote , image, or perhaps just some great ‘green’ advice. This month we shared this gorgeous quote…LOVE IT!

I just love this quote


Is that the most poetic quote you’ve ever heard about Architecture?! Or do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below if you do!

Cheerio for now, Talina x

Season’s Greetings!

Talina Edwards Architecture Christmas Photo

Our Christmas Greeting e-Card message was delivered to our lovely subscribers, via our mailing list. You can view it here and sign-up while you’re there if you want to be kept up to date with all our news in the New Year!

Thanks again for all your support during 2013, and look forward to bigger and better things in 2014!

Talina x



Our *first* Newsletter!

Guess what?! We just issued our fist-ever newsletter! Can you tell we’re a little bit excited?!

You’ll have to pop on over to the link HERE to check it out, and you can sign up there to receive it monthly. Just go to “subscribe” at the top of left hand corner of the page (if you’re not already on our mailing list).

We will keep you up to date with all things sustainable design, eco-architecture, healthy homes, natural living, and some progress reports of the interesting projects we’re working on and the fabulous people we’re meeting in the community.

We’d love your feedback on the format, content, look, etc… tell us what you think in the comments below (*please*) 

Talina x