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Ephemeral Art Competition – with Fifteen Trees


Fifteen Trees Ephemeral Art

For those who follow me on instagram (or facebook) you’ll know I’ve been enjoying creating some little nature art images in recent times…

These are known as ephemeral art, as the intention is that they are temporary creations in the landscape using natural found objects – often leaves, rocks, twigs, flowers, bark, sand, etc. – and arranging a pattern or composition to be left there. I love the word ephemeral, as it evokes the image of something magical and spiritual…

But even more, I love the practice of creating these little moments of joy. They only take a few minutes to see the result of my creativity, whereas with architecture it can take years – it is instant gratification! I love the connection with nature as I explore the environment looking for some pretty leaves. I love the colours and textures and patterns that can be created – without needing paint or canvas. And thanks to technology, I love that it is so easy to photograph and capture these mini artworks (are they then no longer ephemeral…?!) and share them for others to enjoy.

My boys love finding pine-cones or gum nuts or flowers for me, and they also enjoy joining in with their own creations. It brings us closer to our natural environment, slows us down, and makes us more grateful for the everyday beauty that surrounds us – and consequently we then care more for Mother Earth. I think this is something that is great for anyone/everyone to do!

And so, I invite you to submit your own creation – you could even win a prize! My friend Colleen over at Fifteen Trees is running a little competition this month on her facebook page – all you have do is give it a go and post your image of your ephemeral art creation – and you could win a gorgeous tree-brooch from Angus and Celeste! Oh, and did I mention that I’m honoured that Colleen has asked me to be the judge! The competition is running all this month of July. I look forward to seeing YOUR creation! GOODLUCK!

Ephemeral Art Competition


Fifteen Trees is a fabulous local eco business that plants trees on your behalf to help reduce your carbon footprint. Over 76,000 trees have been planted to date!!! Colleen loves trees, (and I love trees!) and this competition is all about sharing that love!


How do you connect with nature? What is your creative outlet? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Ballarat Sustainable Architect Green Builder

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Know the way, go the way, show the way

Ripple Effect, Leadership, LBWR, Ballarat

Hello there! How’s the new year treating you so far? Hope you’ve got off to a good start, and had a chance to have a break and some time for reflection about what your dreams are for 2016! I’m really excited about the year ahead, and this is for a number of reasons, and today I want to share one of them with you! I love improving myself and my business, and this year I’ll have an opportunity for some big personal and professional development with the Leadership Forum (Leadership Ballarat & Western Region) by Committee for Ballarat. Here’s how they explain the program:

Leaders Forum is LBWR’s leadership program for emerging community leaders. Participants explore the possibilities for the future of our regional communities. They:

  • Connect with a diverse range of people and established leaders to explore ideas.
  • Listen to others, learn from them and reflect on their own understandings.
  • Experience practical situations to help understand major issues affecting our regional communities.
  • Think laterally, examine issues systematically and find creative solutions.
  • Question what leadership means and develop their leadership style.
  • Broaden their understanding of how they can lead in their community to achieve positive change.
Samantha Davies and Talina Edwards Small Business Entrepreneur

Samantha Davies awarding me the ‘Peter Davies Scholarship’ for the Leadership Forum for 2016

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Creative Cubby Project at Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2015

Talina Edwards Architecture Elemental Design Ballarat Renovations Green Homes BuildingHere’s some images from our Creative Cubby Project event at the 2015 Ballarat Heritage Weekend. This year’s theme was “A Century of Service”, and we were commissioned by The City of Ballarat for the “In Their Boots” children’s’ activities.

Talina Edwards Architecture Elemental Design Ballarat Renovations Green Homes Building

Flyer for our Facebook Page leading up to the event

We designed and constructed an interactive maze-like installation that replicated World War 1 trenches for the”Kids Trail”, that was fun, educational and relevant. My architect skills certainly came in handy during the “design” phase and initial discussions with the Heritage Weekend’s curator and organisers. This was a different event than we have run before, and we had to very well-planned with our cardboard-box design (instead of the kids building their own.) Continue reading

How much fun is a cardboard box?!

Talina Edwards Architecture Eco Cubby Creative Kids Ballarat


 Here’s a few pix from our Creative Cubby Project at the Ballarat Begonia Festival Weekend to show you just how much fun a cardboard box (or dozens of them!) can be!

Ballarat Begonia Festival Sustainable Design Eco Green Cubby House Home

Visitors found our posters really helpful to know what we were all about.

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The Creative Cubby Project is back!

Our fabulous Creative Cubby Project which teaches kids more about sustainability and design while making eco-cubbies out of recycled materials, is back! We will be at the Ballarat Begonia Festival THIS Weekend (Sat 7th – Mon 9th March)!

ballarat eco architect cubby house sustainable kids activities

For those who don’t know, Ballarat Begonia Festival was the 2014 winner of “Australia’s favourite event”! It is FREE with loads to see and do for all ages! On for three days over the Labour Day Long Weekend from 10am – 5pm each day.  For more details and full program of events, see here. You’ll find us in the Botanical Gardens on the main thoroughfare (the Prime Ministers Walk) diagonally opposite the main stage and adjacent to the food court. The Moroccan tea tent is across the way, and the enormous sandpit next to us….there’s SO much to see and do! Just a keep a look out for all the huge cardboard boxes on the lawn under the oak trees! Continue reading