Our Team


Talina Edwards Architecture: elemental design has grown! We now have a passionate and dedicated team on board to help deliver our architectural services.


TALINA EDWARDS – chief of the tribe, “THE architect”, wearer-of-many-hats, or superwoman

Talina is the founder, director, principal and registered architect of the practice. She is proud to introduce you to the rest of the team below! (Oh and she doesn’t like writing about herself in the third person! But if you really want to, you can read more about Talina and the practice here.)




CELESTE HEVEY – Architectural Assistant, Building Design Student, Chief Fun Officer, Studio-Horticulturist, Landscape Designer

Celeste is currently finishing her final year of an Advanced Diploma of Building Design at Federation University, Ballarat. We’re sure Celeste must be 100 years older than she is as she has had a fascinating and rich career which includes roles in geology, horticulture, education, landcare, garden-design and more! She’s passionate about sustainability and describes this as her “dream job”! We love Celeste’s enthusiasm and positive attitude, her love of learning and also that she brings her home-grown produce to share in the studio! When she’s not working or studying, Celeste is off on adventures, attempting to learning something new, tending to her rambling and ever expanding garden, reading, enjoying the company of family and friends or sometimes, just relaxing.




MIA CARMEN RADIC Architectural Assistant, Graduate of Architecture, Studio Librarian, First Aid Officer

Mia recently graduated from her Masters of Architecture at Deakin University, Geelong. She grew up in a rammed earth home in a small rural country town in East Gippsland where the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability were basic elements of the community fabric. Her time spent living, studying and working in Sweden and Ireland further enriched her architectural education. We feel very fortunate Mia found us as she’s a perfect fit for our studio – dedicated, intelligent, mature, creative, and lovely! In her spare time Mia enjoys reading, sketching and exploring, her three favorite ways of following her sense of curiosity.




ALEX BAYLEY CoWorker & our IT Guru

Alex has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry in Australia, Canada and the USA as a software developer, community manager, small business owner, and marketing consultant, among many and various other roles. With professional experience ranging from local non-profits, to tech startups from Melbourne to Silicon Valley, to working on Google’s search engine team, Alex brings a global perspective to her work in regional Victoria. Away from the keyboard, Alex loves growing abundant vegetables, making things from scratch, and spending time outdoors.  We love sharing our studio with Alex who is super knowledgeable about the world, lives one of the most truly sustainable lives we know, and we love that we learn from her daily!

https://flax.digital/   or   alex@flax.digital   



DR. AMY HAHS CoWorker & Urban Ecology Consultant

Dr Amy Hahs is the Director and Founder of Urban Ecology in Action, and is passionate about building better cities where people and nature co-exist. Amy brings knowledge and expertise to help build healthier, more sustainable and resilient cities and towns. This information is critical to plan and manage urban areas in the face of changing climates and increasing human populations. We love Amy’s passion and expertise about sustainability and bio-diversity and love seeing her new consulting business bloom.

https://urbanecologyinaction.com.au/ or amyhahs.urbanecology@gmail.com



PEARL Studio Pooch, security-guard 

We love all animals, especially our Pearly-Girly! She’s still on probationary visits until she learns how to use CAD chillax in the studio! When she’s behaving, we love to have her in to visit. She will give sloppy kisses in exchange for back-scratches.