Staff Profiles

Talina Edwards Architecture: elemental design has grown! We now have a passionate and dedicated team on board to help deliver our architectural services.


TALINA EDWARDS chief of the tribe, "THE architect", wearer-of-many-hats, or superwoman

Talina is the founder, director, principal and registered architect of the practice. She is proud to introduce you to the rest of the team below! (Oh and she doesn't like writing about herself in the third person! But if you really want to, you can read more about Talina and the practice here.)




MIA CARMEN RADIC Architectural Assistant, Graduate of Architecture, Certified Passivhaus Designer, Studio Librarian, First Aid Officer

Mia recently graduated from her Masters of Architecture at Deakin University, Geelong. She grew up in a rammed earth home in a small rural country town in East Gippsland where the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability were basic elements of the community fabric. Her time spent living, studying and working in Sweden and Ireland further enriched her architectural education. We feel very fortunate Mia found us as she's a perfect fit for our studio - dedicated, intelligent, mature, creative, and lovely! In her spare time Mia enjoys reading, sketching and exploring, her three favorite ways of following her sense of curiosity.


SHAILY SHAH – Graduate of Architecture, Architectural Assistant, Certified Passivhaus Designer


Shaily graduated from her Master of Architecture at Deakin University, Geelong. She grew up in India and from a young age, Shaily took keen interest in spaces designed in harmony with nature, so it was a natural progression for her to go on to study a Masters and then successfully complete the Certified Passivhaus Designer Course.

Shaily remains connected with Deakin as an Alumni and guest presenter and reviewer for Earthscapes studio. She believes a good design creates spatial experiences incorporating strong connections with People, Place, Culture, Landscape, the bult and natural environments. She believes that earth should inspire and dominate the design rather than being the opposite.

Shaily also loves the aesthetics of the more traditional village dwellings found in India. These homes are built by residents using the locally available materials and incorporating traditional construction methods. Eg. For flooring a combination of mud and dung is used (have great antiseptic and cooling properties), local wood in the structure, clay, earth, giving an unique identity to the spaces, unique character to the dwellings and conveying a story of that space.

When away from the computer, Shaily enjoys taking care of her indoor plants, cooking, reading and spending time with her family.

OLIVIA SHERIDAN -Architectural Assistant, Building Design Graduate, Lifelong-learner


Olivia has completed her Advanced Diploma of Building Design at Federation University, Ballarat. 

She loves  travel, new experiences, and learning new things. Settling down was never in her nature but becoming a parent has helped that along! 

Olivia’s creativity is expressed through her weaving and tapestry, and the drawing of  beautiful old homes of Ballarat. She recently became a volunteer with the local Ballarat Tool Library, as a meaningful community contribution and, towards her aspirations to develop skills in furniture making. 

A desire to see a more equitable society motivates Olivia, along with a desire to be a part of (and have a positive impact on) her community. This ethos originated from her previous nursing studies and disability support roles. We love that Olivia has compassion for both people and planet as this is a value our team shares and we’re grateful she has joined us!

River profile pic

RIVER MOREY  Architectural Assistant, Bachalore of Design Graduate, Wellbeing officer.

River has recently joined our team as an office assistant, whilst completing her study in Building Design at Federation University. She holds a Bachelor of Design - Textile major from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. 

River has a diverse range of skills, experience and interests and is thrilled to finally have found them converging in this space, within the built-environment industry. 

Her love  and connection to our natural world and hope for the future of our children, is the major motivating force that has brought her to this new profession and to our practice. She is inspired by small space design forever homes, biophilic design and architecture that contributes to people's ability to build enduring structures that are beneficial for the earth and connection to place and each other.