Desert Dreaming: Lessons from Larapinta

This beautiful image of Rwetyepme (Mount Sonder) in Tjoritja (the West MacDonnell Ranges) sums up the incredible experience this inspiring group of kinfolk shared together in the heart of Australia, re-connecting to country.

We trekked over 100kms of this sacred region, including a gruelling hike to the summit which is ~1400m above sea level. The dreaming stories say this is a pregnant woman lying on her back staring at the sky… 

She’s not doing anything except being. 

I’m sure she’s gently exhaling in this photo I took and blowing the clouds away….


‘Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. 

On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.’ 

Arundhati Roy


This was an opportunity to immerse myself with country, and observe her beauty, deeply listen to the spirit of place… to follow my own dreaming path.

We breathed in nourishment and energy from the earth, and breathed out gratitude and loving-kindness.

We reaffirmed that we are a part of nature, not apart from nature and that survival of humanity is reliant on us rekindling our reciprocal relationship of love, generosity and nurture with mother-earth.

We simply can’t continue to be such a heavy burden on this planet.

We must lighten our load – physically, environmentally, mentally and spiritually.  

As a proud @1millionwomen ambassador, I ask that you consider how you can #lightenyourload #lightenyourlife too?

– Talina Edwards


* Big thanks to everyone who sponsored me to raise money for 1 Million Women!

* Images below prepared for my guest-post on Parlour Instagram in September