GET OFF THE GAS & “My Efficient Electric Home”

Electrifying our future is the key to tackling the climate crisis and creating a clean energy future.

Let’s stop burning fossil fuels and get off the gas by creating healthier homes powered by GreenPower and the sun.  

Simple steps you can take today:

  • Call your electricity provider and switch to 100% GreenPower.
  • Swap your gas cooktop for Induction
  • Swap your gas gas oven for Electric
  • Swap your gas hot water for an efficient air-sourced heat-pump
  • Swap your gas heating for an efficient heat-pump air-conditioning unit (AND ensure your building envelope is well insulated and draft-sealed)

Want to know more:

 Because people and the planet matter.

(A similar version of this “Get Off The Gas” post went out across social media on Monday 4th July at 8am with thanks to a coordinated effort by Breathe Architecture as part of our the commitment to the #architectsdeclare movement)


Formed in June 2015, the“My Efficient Electric Home” (MEEH) FaceBook Groupis a leading DATABASE OF INFORMATION about improving the comfort and energy performance of Australian homes.

Eliminating fossil fuels from our homes is important because we face a climate emergency and must decarbonise as quickly as possible. Happily, in Australia and other places around the world, people can also save money and improve health and comfort by moving toward an “all-electric” home. (Which is then powered by renewable energy).

The DATABASE of information is easily searchable. Members are encouraged to use “Search this Group” to dig up old posts relevant to their issue / interest.
This Group is for folks who are here to help each other. We openly discuss methods & especially share data re space heating, water heating, and cooking in homes using devices powered / fuelled only by renewable heat and electricity, rather than by fossil gas, LPG, or wood.
Of particular interest is the use of high efficiency heat pumps for space heating and cooling, water heating, and clothes drying.
Energy efficiency and an adequately-performing thermal envelope is of course key to My Efficient Electric Home, as is the generation (e.g. via rooftop solar PV) and storage of electricity and heat.
Talina is currently an administrator of this Facebook group as she strongly aligns with this ethos and wants to help support this transition away from gas to a cleaner energy future.
Talina’s carbon-neutral architectural practice is based in Wadawurrung country (Ballarat) in regional Victoria, Australia. The core value of the business is to create healthy, beautiful, functional, comfortable and sustainable architecture which combines building-science and biophilic-design (our innate connection to nature) to respond to our purpose to care for country and cultivate a living future for all.


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