Dear Architect Architects Declare Australia Climate Action

#DearArchitect Chapter 4: IT’S YOUR CALL(ING)

#DearArchitect is an open-letter from Talina Edwards to the architecture/built-environment profession, in response to the #ArchitectsDeclare movement. What started as a call-to-action, ended up being more of a mini-manifesto. Written during the intense summer bushfire season of 2020, one year later the message is the same (if not more) important than ever before…

chapter 1 THE (CO-)MISSION

chapter 2 MY (RE)ACTION


chapter 4  IT’S YOUR CALL(ING)

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Dear Architect*,

(*Engineer/Building-Designer/Draftsperson/Builder/Interior-Designer/Student/Educator contributor to our built-environment – this is a letter to all of you)


What is your declaration? What is your action plan?


The Climate Declaration has 11 aims that the Architects Declare movement seeks to follow…perhaps all of these speak to you right now, or maybe only one. Architects Declare is a collective movement, but it’s also our individual endeavours, so it is time for us each to find our own voice, and make our own declarations.


I’m passionate about designing buildings that are healthy, beautiful, functional, comfortable, resilient and sustainable that inhabitants love, that don’t cost the earth – this forms our elemental-design philosophy (footnote:

I will use the international Passive House standard as a tool to achieve this, with the aim of moving towards the goals of the Living Building Challenge for our projects, whilst continuing to learn about regenerative philosophy and practice.

I will show up with a whole-hearted ethos, generously share my knowledge with others, continue having genuine conversations and build new relationships for more effective collaboration, and be a passionate advocate and industry-leader until this approach to more sustainable/regenerative development is so desirable it becomes the new normal.




This is what I believe to be the way forward.


What do you believe?


Brene Brown has said that ‘the way to move information from our head to our heart is through our hands’.

I’ve made a choice to be outspoken and write this letter, in the hope that some of this will resonate with you.


Now I invite you to do one simple, but important action – to write your own letter of declaration


I’ll help you get started with the opening line: “Dear Architect, …..”


Your intention sets your direction, so this is a great first step to help you choose your path forward and help get your thoughts in order.  It might be one sentence about the action/s you will take, or one paragraph, or it might be a manifesto! You might want to write a letter to your younger self, (like this awesome Parlour series) or perhaps to your future self?

Not much of a writer? Then develop the practice of speaking out instead.

You’re a creative soul; you’ll find your own voice.


Then, I invite you to share it with me, and the world!

Post it on social media with the hashtags #architectsdeclare #architectsdeclare_au #deararchitect

One Million Women’s anthem for the new decade is You’re the Voice, #IMTHEVOICE so include this too if you support their amazing work.

It is time to create a chorus of independent and diverse voices who are united in this movement.

It is time for us to all be the leaders we wish we had.

It is time to believe in ourselves and our future.

It is time to build positive change.

#itistime #thetimeisnow

#ifnotnowwhen #ifnotuswho





What will you choose to do?


Talina x


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(or read entire letter here)

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