National Sustainable Living Festival 2021, Talina Edwards, Architects Declare, Ballarat Architect

Check out the recorded Session of us at The National Sustainable Living Festival 2021

Check out the recorded session HERE of us at The National Sustainable Living Festival 20th FEB

Reboot and Respond event

I am excited to be invited to speak at the National Sustainable Living Festival 2021. Thanks to Australian Architects Declare and the Australian Institute of Architects Sustainable Architecture Forum for organising this series of events.

Check out all the great events going on both IRL and virtually this year here.

Our event is called ReBOOT & RESPOND.  This free online event, panel discussion and I am especially thrilled to have it be hosted by the amazing Stephen Choi –  Executive Director of the Living Future Institute of Australia, whose vision is one of a socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative future! I’m looking forward to an engaging conversation and am pleased to be on the panel with Sarah Lebner of Lighthouse Architecture and Science (and the awesome “My First Architecture Job” website) and looking forward to hearing from graduate Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, Rebecca Lee.

Please do join us and invite and share with friends, family and colleges and help us raise the profile of these important issues and the National Sustainable Living Festivals mission, perhaps a virtual Saturday brunch’n’zoom get together is on the cards for you.

Bring your questions and we look forward to seeing you there! BOOK YOUR FREE TICKET NOW!



How are emerging architects addressing climate emergency and long-term sustainability in the post-pandemic recovery?

How are they responding to this current reality?What are the environmental, economic, and social opportunities at this pivotal time?

Stephen Choi will discuss these topics with emerging architects Sarah Lebner, Talina Edwards, Rebecca Lee.

Check our full program of events here. 

If you missed this session and would like to check it out, find the recorded session here on the Architects Declare YouTube Channel


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