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WINNER! BDAA National Design Excellence Award 2020

We were absolutely thrilled for Owl Woods Passive House to win not once, but twice at the BDAA 2020 Awards!

This was completely unexpected, as entering awards is still new to us, so it was a big surprise to win not only our category, but also take out the BIG prize of the night, winning the (overall) National Design Excellence Award for 2020! We loved “attending” the online awards ceremony (and although its not the same thing as a live event) we were honoured to have a live-cross to our studio where Talina was able to share a few words about what makes Owl Woods Passive House such an innovative and pioneering project in Australia.


WINNER: National Design Excellence Award
Talina Edwards Architecture – Owl Woods Passive House

WINNER: New residential buildings 251 – 350 sqm and over $2,500 / sqm 
Talina Edwards Architecture – Owl Woods Passive House


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The BDAA would like to congratulate Talina Edwards for her superior Owl Woods Passive House design. A sustainable haven that likens an ebullient large-scale birdhouse with its pitched roofs, timber, etc., Owl Woods Passive House is the sustainable masterwork of Talina Edwards of Talina Edwards Architecture, the timber made, sleekly lined, divinely angular winner of the New residential buildings 251 – 350 sqm and over $2,500 / sqm, sponsored by Brickworks, and National Design Excellence Award at the 2020 BDAA National Design Awards.


This innovative approach to high performance homes is still new in Australia – the Owl Woods Passive House is a leading example as 1 of the first 20 certified Passivhaus projects in the entire country – however this number is growing.
This project demonstrates that the stringent requirements to achieve this certification can work in harmony with good architectural design.

To respond to the climate crisis, says Talina, we need to be designing buildings with a lower carbon-footprint, and Passivhaus projects can deliver on net-zero buildings due to their high-performance “fabric-first” approach which ensures very low operational energy.

Clients who are building their ‘forever home’ place high value on quality, comfort and health. A home is a significant investment, and they wanted the quality assurance that a Certified Passive House delivers – with quantifiable predictability of performance. The additional outlay to achieve this was estimated at less than 10%. The operational energy of a CPH can be 90% lower than a standard home, resulting in substantial savings in running costs over the life of building.

Talina Edwards Architecture: elemental design studio is an award-winning practice based in regional Victoria. The dedicated team of three women are passionate about creating healthy, beautiful, functional, comfortable and sustainable architecture. Talina is a Certified Passive House Designer, which is rigorous training to an international standard to deliver the healthiest, highest-performing and lowest-energy buildings in the world. Talina embraces this scientific, rational and practical side of architecture, as well as the more creative and intuitive path to design. She employs a holistic and collaborative approach, integrating biophilic design to improve our wellbeing by connecting to nature. Talina is committed to the ideology of the ‘Living Future Institute’ which aims to redirect our future towards a society that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.


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