To build a Passive House has just become even better value! Bank Australia

Building a Passive House has just become even better value! 

For years I’ve been saying that it would be a smart idea for the banks to offer discounted loans to customers building energy-efficient homes. To me it was a no-brainer – as the up-front cost to build to a higher standard could potentially be more* (but doesn’t have to be), but then operational costs would be much lower over the life of the building which means more money to pay off the mortgage quickly…I figured it was only a matter of a time before some savvy banks would also realise this makes financial sense.


So I was very happy to learn that Bank Australia in conjunction with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation , have announced discounted interest rates on their clean-green-home-loans for new homes built to Certified Passive House standard (or 7stars NatHERS and above). See all the details here. 


So this is a greater incentive to build a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient home, as it has now become better value for money!


Best “value for money” is defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements. The quality of a Certified Passive House is world’s best practice of high-performing homes, delivering quality assurance of how your home will ‘perform’ (in terms of indoor air quality, comfort, heating/cooling demand).


Want to see some actual numbers?

Our friends at Passivhaus Design & Construct have created a clever calculator tool so you can see how much money this could save over the lifetime of your loan. You can have a play with some numbers and see for yourself how big the savings can be – an extra $100,000** would sound pretty enticing wouldn’t it?


At Talina Edwards Architecture, we are passionate about the benefits that Passive House projects deliver! We have two Certified Passive House Designers in our practice, and our Owl Woods Passive House is one of the first 20 certified Passive House projects in Australia…with more to come!

Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more!


* Get in touch with us to learn more about smart ways your home design can be a Certified Passive House project (and see our blog post “Does a Passive House home have to cost more?)
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