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It’s official! Certified Passivhaus! (Owl Woods Passive House)

We are thrilled to announce that our Owl Woods Passive House has been granted official “Passive House Certification” status!

According to the International Passive House database, this means we are the 10th single detached family house to achieve this certification in Victoria, and only the 20th in Australia (for all Passivhaus buildings). We are proud to be amongst the early adopters of this fast-growing movement! A census is currently underway by the Australian Passive House Association, and there are hundreds more Passive house projects in the works across Australia. The interest sure is growing, as the number of certified professionals is doubling each year, as more and more people are keen to learn about this voluntary standard of world’s best practice.

“Once you know Passive House, you can’t un-know it. To go back to doing anything less does feel like being you are being an unethical or negligent professional. All our buildings should reach these high standards of human health and comfort, as well as being durable, resilient and energy-efficient.” – Talina Edwards

Thanks so much to Clare Parry from Grun Consulting for doing the certification, Luc Plowman from Detail Green for being our Passivhaus consultant and helping us along the way! Of course big thanks to our great clients for trusting that the Passivhaus journey was the right path to take for their home, and to the our great builders – Stu and team at Craftsman Quality Builders! (+ Tatjana Plitt for the pro-pics 📸)

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  1. Dom G on December 29, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    $ Figures please – costs of whole build. Cost of land . Compared to average Oz build. Compared to DIY same m2 footprint. – Compared to pre-fab passive solar high star homes. Thanks. Dom

    • talinaedwards on February 12, 2021 at 9:30 pm

      These are all BIG (and important) questions, however it is not a simple answer. I’ll aim to put together a blog post to explain this properly. The short answer is that compared to a custom architect-designed home, a Certified Passivhaus need not cost more (or perhaps 10% premium at most…while it is still in the ‘early-adopter’ stage. As demand increases, supply costs of materials are expected to come down with more locally available windows/membranes/mechanical ventilation units/etc.). However if you are comparing to a standard code-compliant volume-builder home (which is the lowest standard you can legally build) then the quality & labour & care to achieve a Certified Passivhaus then it’s not a fair comparison. Hope that helps answer your question.