Finding Equilibrium

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When the Parlour team asked me to be a part of this inspiring series of Letters to my younger self, they posed a few questions I could reflect upon. The BIG question that is always asked is about work-life balance, and the answers are as elusive as the quest for the holy grail… So, this sets the scene for my letter, and I realised that as I was composing this, I was also tuning into my future self to give me the advice I need to heed right now.


Dear younger self,

(To read my letter, you’ll have to go here.)



Archi Parlour are all about women, equity and architecture – aiming to close the gender-gap in our profession.

PARLOUR: a space to speak – bringing together research, informed opinion and resources; generating debate and discussion; expanding the spaces for women in Australian architecture.

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I’m a proud supporter of the great work they do! Their website has regular articles posted by the architectural community, they have fantastic resources (i.e. Guides to Equitable Practice), they hold events, there’s a directory of Australian women in architecture (Marion’s List) and they are an excellent voice for transforming the future of architecture.

In the past I have also guest-hosted their instagram account – you can see those pics/words here. The “Letters to my younger self” series already has about a dozen inspiring letters posted, with helpful advice and interesting stories of these women. Not just aimed at young architecture students to read, but for all of us!


Do you have time to pause and reflect? Have you ever thought about the advice you’d give your younger self? How are you achieving that elusive life-balance?! I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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