“Taking Stock” (time for some reflection)



Hi there!

It is time for a quick interlude between my new blog series of #ElementalDesign Advice posts. So if you’re interested in learning a bit more about me (and my quirks!), please read on. Otherwise we will return to normal broadcasting again soon!

It is time to ‘take stock’ and reflect on where things are at. According to the cosmic energy experts, the Super Moon last week was the perfect time for reflection and setting new intentions – so just as well that was when I started writing this!

Why am I ‘taking stock’? Well, that is all due to Pip Lincoln from Meet Me At Mikes and her blogging e-courses I’m currently doing, so thanks Pip! It’s not the first time I’ve done this activity, here’s one I prepared earlier…exactly 3 years ago!

So here’s MY list…

(And there’s a blank one below in case you feel like playing along too. If you do, be sure to leave a link in the comments!)

Making: 3D computer models of my lovely client’s new sustainable homes – I love my job!

Cooking: Healthy gluten-free and vego meals for my family

Drinking: Soy-lattes and earl-grey tea and sparkling mineral water…and a little too much wine lately (well, it has been thirsty weather!)

Reading: “Songs of a War Boy” by Deng Adut who I met here in Ballarat recently – a truly inspiring story! If you haven’t seen THIS clip, I dare you not to cry!


Deng Adut speaking at M.A.D.E.


Wanting: The world to show more love and less hate.

Looking: at the inspiring art here in Ballarat – must get to the Archies this week before it finishes!

Playing: With our new pup Pearl! She is such a gorgeous girl – we adopted her (from Pet Rescue) just 3 weeks ago!



Deciding: Which task to tackle first on my never-ending to-do list…gah!

Wishing: That the world would act on Climate Change NOW. Watching ‘Before the Flood’ recently was incredibly moving. I know some leaders are acting, but will it be too little, and too late…? I truly hope not.

Enjoying: Doing the ‘Blog with Pip’ e-course to help freshen things up around here!

Waiting: For some free time to read ALL THE BOOKS! (see Buying and Sorting below!)

Liking: Taking some time out when I can to do some ‘ephemeral art’ – using only what can be found in nature. These compositions are posted on social media, as a way to be more mindful and creative and enjoy the beauty of nature as art – and they are instantly gratifying!


One of my recent posts of ephemeral art / nature art

Wondering: If the Trump Presidency will actually lead to a real revolution (a revolt) which will lead to real positive change – that we’ll all get off our backsides and do something to help make the world a better place…?

Loving: My beautiful boys xxx

Pondering: My Leadership journey with the LBWR program this year – I’ve just returned from a 2-day retreat to reflect more on what I’ve learnt about leadership this year (lots of personal and professional development!)

Considering: How can I make the biggest positive impact on those around me?

Watching: Grand Designs…all of them, on iView, my DVD box sets, online…who doesn’t love Grand Designs?!

Hoping: That we are able to leave our children with a healthier planet and a more caring, loving world…I loved this new initiative called Hope Hour by a local woman – you might want to check it out!

Marvelling: At the fabulous women architects who are doing awesome work and being recognised for it!

Needing: More time! For everything! I’m sure if I clone myself a few times, then all will be well.

Smelling: The roses! (See Noticing below)

Wearing: Last week it was too many layers for this time of year…and now it’s a heat wave! It seems that perfect 22 degrees C temperatures no longer exist.

Following: Some amazing women who want to make a difference in the world of architecture…like Lucy and Amelia and Helen and Jennifer… perhaps you know of some others I should check out?

Noticing: All the beautiful flowers blooming and the chirping of baby birds – I’m loving spending more time outdoors at the moment!


How gorgeous are these?!

Knowing: That every little thing is gonna be alright, and the time is now to rise.

Thinking: What can I do to help step up more and become more of a leader – as a woman, as a mother, as a member of my community, as an architect, as someone who cares about the environment and creativity and a meaningful life…

Feeling: Positive mostly…and learning not to feel overwhelmed with everything on my plate! (see Opening). Also learning to recognise and honour those core desired feelings.

Admiring: Deng Adut (see Reading) as just one example of a truly courageous and inspiring leader that is making a real positive impact on those around him.

Sorting: Through the large pile of books on my bedside table that are half-read, waiting to be read/re-read… (see Waiting and Buying!) Any tips on how/when to make the time to read non-fiction like these? I read novels in bed, but these deserve more concentration…


I wonder why I am overwhelmed by my pile of books?!

Buying: Books! Uh oh, yes some more. But there is so much goodness out there! I sometimes wish I could be like ‘The incredible book-eating boy’ and absorb the content much faster! Probably wouldn’t be so great for my gut though!

Getting: Ready to ‘graduate’ from my Leadership program this week – it feels a bit like a ‘debutante ball’ all over again where we are presented to the movers and shakers in the community – yikes! What does one wear to such an occasion?!

Bookmarking: All things sustainable design, green buildings, health homes and natural living…as well as some yummy recipes, and stories of inspiring women, home-made gift ideas for christmas, fun things to do with the kids, TED talks…

Disliking: Becoming acquainted with a pooper-scooper – so gross! But Pearl is so adorable, it is totally worth it and I am now a fully converted “dog-person”! You too?

Opening: My mind, body and soul – with a new meditation course I’m doing. I’m trying to be more mindful and these classes have been perfect.

Giggling: During shenanigans last week with some friends. It’s fun to let your hair down once in a while!

Snacking: ….err maybe too often!

Coveting: Superhuman powers?

Wishing: Upon a star (and also last week’s super-moon!)


Terrible blurry shot on the iPhone! But the moon was SO stunning that night I had to bask in the radiance



Helping: My clients design and build their new homes/renovations…and also hopefully helping/educating/inspiring the wider community on all things sustainable design, green buildings, healthy homes and natural living with my #elementaldesign posts both here on the blog, and on social media.

Hearing: My inner voice of guidance…she’s pretty quiet, but is learning to speak up and I’m learning to listen! Or maybe that’s just the dog barking? Hard to tell…


Now it’s your turn! (You can copy and paste if you like – but no pressure!)

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Do you take time to stop and reflect? Does this sound like a fun activity – I’d love to read yours if you’re up for it?! Do you relate to any of my list? Let me know in the comments below! (Don’t be shy!)

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  1. melleemade on November 22, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Hi Talina!
    What a beautiful list, and a gorgeous way to get some insight into you both personally and professionally! Thank you for sharing, and for the shout-out. So much head nodding at that list. What an awesome idea.
    I had to laugh at your pile of books … my Audible account on my phone looks similarly overwhelming with all the books I want to listen to!! (The irony is I listen to them because I can’t find the time to read them!! And now I’m struggling for time to listen to them as well!)
    – Amelia x

    • talinaedwards on November 24, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      Hi Amelia! Thanks for reading and for your comments. You should do one too :o)
      Gah – my books!!! A lot of people recommended the audio-books, but I’m sure I’d end up the same as you there too.
      How does one juggle all that we do??! Someone wise once told me that the “meaning” of life is literally to find that “balance” or middle ground (as in ‘mean’ as a maths reference)… the eternal quest!
      Talina x