Your Home Designed Globally, Created and Aligned Locally

I often get asked to explain what I do – even when I say I’m an architect, or that I run my own architectural practice, I still get blank looks, or people want me to explain more. I’ve met some very inspiring women entrepreneurs over the past few years, and many of them have great business advice – including how important it is to try and communicate what it is I do (for you) in one short sentence. I previously thought my ‘elemental design‘ tagline and philosophy had it covered, but it seems that this might have been a bit obscure.

I’m very aware of the ‘eco-fatigue’ that exists now that there is so much green-wash out there, so I was keen to avoid words such as sustainable, eco, green, environmental, ethical, natural, organic, healthy, earthy, and so on, yet of course I still want to evoke that this is my ethos! (Which is why I like the term ‘elemental‘ design instead to cover these). However avoiding these words does make things a bit difficult, doesn’t it?!

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“Your home designed globally, created and aligned locally.” – Talina Edwards Architecture

This is where the well-known phrase ‘think global, act local’ came into play. As this is my underlying architectural philosophy – thinking about the health of mother earth and designing with this in mind. Worldly knowledge inspires each project. It is also about creating well-designed architecture that suits each specific site and it’s climatic conditions, and each unique client and their brief.

A collaborative effort is always essential –  each project is a team effort working closely with the client throughout the design process, working with the team of expert secondary consultants required during the planning process, and working with the team of contractors during the construction process. Sourcing local products and supporting local suppliers/services as much as possible is also important. It was a conscious decision to avoid the words ‘built’ or ‘constructed’ as technically that is the job of the contractor (builder) and not the architect, however of course the combined efforts that go toward the completed building is the mutual end goal! So hopefully all of this is implied by :

“Your home designed globally, created and aligned locally.”

As the business evolves, this statement might change, but for now we think this captures our purpose and vision pretty well.  Do you agree? Or do you have ‘green-fatigue’? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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