Talina Edwards Architecture February Newsletter


Why, hello there!

Sorry we’ve been a little bit quiet of late…we took a wee break (err as in Scottish for ‘small’, not the other kind!)

Anyhoo, we’ve just sent our latest little newsletter out to our mailing list… did you receive yours? If not, pop on over here to have a squiz, and you can subscribe to receive your very own copy delivered to your inbox each month!

Generally we try to share a bit of news about what Talina Edwards Architecture is up to, we like to do a little BIG SHOUT-OUT to someone or something that we reckon is pretty special, we’ll update you on blog posts and articles you may have missed about all things sustainable design and healthy-homes, and we also like to share something a bit inspirational like a quote , image, or perhaps just some great ‘green’ advice. This month we shared this gorgeous quote…LOVE IT!

I just love this quote


Is that the most poetic quote you’ve ever heard about Architecture?! Or do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below if you do!

Cheerio for now, Talina x


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