5 things to buy an Architect for Christmas…(*hint hint*)

Ok, so following on from my previous post about the five best architecture gifts for kids, I thought that you may also be interested in five best architecture-related gifts for adults (not just for architects!) although yes, these are all on my wish list!

1. Lego Architecture 

So you know that Lego isn’t just for kids, right?! There is a great “Architecture” series of Lego, with many world-famous buildings.  I love that they’ve even done a ‘Sydney Opera House’ as it is such an iconic masterpiece, however the model is simplistic with rectangular Lego bricks and larger curved sections, that the model doesn’t really do justice to the actual form. I think my fave would be ‘Falling Water’ but hey, if you’re feeling generous, the whole collection would be great, thanks!!

Lego Falling Water

Lego Falling Water

2. “New Suburban” book by Stuart Harrison

This is the third book by Melbourne Architect Stuart Harrison, and it explores way architects are re-defining what it means to live sustainably in our suburbs. There are 30 homes showcase from Australia and NZ, with some emerging architects featured too (not just all the usual suspects). The Design Files recently featured and interview with the author here if you want to learn more about the book – before rushing out to buy it (for me)! His previous book about houses with a smaller footprint that maximise efficient use of space: “Forty-Six Square Meters of Land doesn’t normally become a house” is also on my wish list!

"New Suburban" by Stuart Harrison

“New Suburban” by Stuart Harrison


3. “Grand Designs Australia” DVD

I love a good TV series on DVD – because I just don’t get time to watch TV. Catch-up TV online is great too, but I do like the idea of owning my own copy of Grand Designs Australia to watch whenever I fancy. There are 3 series now actually. Or of course the Box Set of the original UK would be most welcome too – not just for me, but would make an awesome gift for anyone interested in unique homes! Never watched an episode? I’ve written previously here about why you should!

Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs BOX SET!

Grand Designs BOX SET!

4. “Green Magazine” Subscription

I love this Australian magazine about sustainable architecture and landscape design. It features diverse inspiring projects, has informative advice, and some great products. You can get an online version, or have it delivered to your door. Perfect for some inspirational summer reading…

5. Eco Design Playing Cards

This cool game is designed by Melbourne’s Eco Innovators and are designed to inform and inspire designers about the sustainability of their products. You can buy a boxed set, or download a printable version for FREE (how cool is that!). Combining education with fun – gotta love that!

Design Play Cards

Design Play Cards

Are any of these on your wish-list this year? What would you give an Architect? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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Talina x



  1. romysaizunde on November 25, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    I haven’t seen Grand Designs Aus; how does the presenter compare to the (erudite, charasmatic) McCloud? Also does that Lego come in Guggenheim Bilbao? YES PLEASE :) x

    • Talina Edwards on November 26, 2013 at 1:43 pm

      I’ve only seen one episode of Grand Designs Aus – that’s why the DVD is on my wish list! Kevin McLoud’s shoes are big ones to fill – but from memory the episode I saw, Peter Maddison did a good job.
      Lego do a version of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, but not Bilbao’s! There’s NO WAY rectilinear lego could ever do such a curvaceous sculptural building justice!!!

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