The secret recipe for great buildings!

Whether you are looking to renovate, build your dream home, or have a shop/café/office that needs an internal fit-out, there is a secret recipe to getting the best possible result! Let’s break down it down into easily digestible parts.


You more than likely have your list of ingredients already – this is your wish list or preliminary brief. There’s probably information on this ingredient list with regards to the size, use, appearance, comfort, quality and cost of the spaces/rooms.  You probably have loads of great ideas, you might have sketched out a dozen floor plan options, perhaps even have inspiring images in a scrapbook (either old-school cut and paste, or virtual with pinterest or houzz). But just because you have all the ingredients, doesn’t mean you know how to bake that cake. You will require the expertise of someone who has experience with what to do with your complex list of ingredients, and whether they can in fact be baked into something absolutely nourishing.


You’ve seen plenty of TV house-makeovers that can be done in less than a day! But unfortunately that is TV land and not real life. What they don’t show is how many months of preparation is happening behind the scenes, and how huge the support team is. If you look at the time/cost/quality equation; if you preference one it is inevitably at the expense of the other two factors. If you are in too much of a rush and don’t realistically allow enough time for your ingredients to cook, then you’ll end up with something half-baked.


Ask yourself, do you want a cheap microwaved-packet-cake, or do you want something with a bit more substance, perhaps a rich velvety mud-cake? Or perhaps you have special requirements, like gluten-free. Maybe you’d prefer something savory, tailored specifically to your tastes.  You must be realistic that if you want a customised-result that will tick all the boxes on your wish list, you cannot go and buy an off-the-shelf product. This is fact whether you are talking cakes, clothes, cars or buildings.


Do you want something flavourless, full of harmful additives and devoid of nutrients that will leave you feeling a little bit ill? Or do you want something beautiful, organic, natural and wholesome that will nourish your soul, and help you feel fabulous? A carefully considered design that takes into account sustainable design principles, aesthetics, functionality and budget will result in a beautiful, comfortable building, and it will even save you money on energy use, running costs, and add value to your property.


So you’ve got your ingredients, and you know where you stand on the time/cost/quality balance. Now who will bake your creation for you? Do you have the skills, experience and expertise to do it yourself? Will you just mix everything together and bung it in the oven and cross your fingers and hope for the best? Maybe with a meal you’d be willing to rake a risk, but not with an investment like your home or business. You need a support team who specialise in the areas that you do not. They know the process involved, they know what is required to get the best outcome for you.


Is this the result you were hoping for by throwing all the ideas together?


The secret ingredient is an Architect.

As an Architect, I am a highly qualified, trained design professional; I provide a quality service based on YOUR needs. I take the role very seriously and am very conscientious and efficient about ensuring the best possible design outcome for YOU. I specialise in designing buildings and coordinating the project for you. My aim is to really understand how you would like to live in your home, your feelings, habits, and routines – and then translate this into a physical manifestation to give you most comfortable environment for YOU. That is where the value lies in Architectural Design, it is not just drawing plans. It is an investment in your lifestyle, as well as an investment for future buyers. When building a home (or renovating a shop, fitting out an office, etc.) there are so many decisions to be made. My job is also to take the stress out of what can become overwhelming for many, and guide you through the process. I coordinate the team of consultants, brief them and liaise with them on your behalf (which can include Land Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, BAL assessors, FirstRate Energy-Raters, Town Planners, Building Surveyors, etc.), and that is all before the construction even begins! Once the project is on site, I can administer the Building Contract between you and the builder; working as your agent, ensuring the construction meets the standards of my drawings and specifications, and is delivered on time and on budget.

So have you been salivating over images of gorgeous homes? Do you value quality? Do you need help with your creation?

Maybe you know someone else who does?  If you want to know more, please leave a comment, or contact me.

Talina x

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  1. Susan Nethercote on June 24, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Awesome, makes me feel so much clearer about what you do!

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