“So, what is your blog about?”

“So, what is your blog about?”
What is Talina Edwards Architecture: ELEMENTAL DESIGN? Who or what is elementalina?


They’re good questions, and I keep getting asked because I’m new to this blogging adventure, and we’re going to find out the answers together… starting with this attempt at an explanation.

Talina Edwards Architecture is the business name for my recently established Architectural Practice. But I also wanted to use “Elemental Design” as my tag line, as to me it evokes more about what both my Architectural Studio is, and who I am. So this is also where I got the name “elementalina” to use as a nickname for my Twitter & Pinterest. accounts.

elemental |ˌɛlɪˈmɛnt(ə)l|adjective

1 *forming an essential or typical feature; fundamental.*concerned with chemical elements or other basic components. 

2 *related to or embodying the powers of nature. *(of an emotion) powerful and primitive. *(noun) a supernatural entity or force thought to be physically manifested by occult means.

DERIVATIVES elementalism noun,elementally adverb

ORIGIN late 15th cent.: from medieval Latin elementalis 

The word Elemental can also refer to the “the building-blocks of mother nature”. I like this. I like its reference to play, architecture, nature and parenting. This is an apt description for my blog, as my elements would include: architecture & design, sustainability & environment, healthy homes & wellbeing, creativity & connections, nurturing & nourishment…

My blog will not only provide helpful information related to sustainable architecture and healthy homes, but will endeavour in a more holistic sense to also help you get to know me, through sharing thoughts about the ‘elemental’ stuff my life is built of!

There’s a sense of trepidation, stepping into unknown territory; my words put out there for all to read (or perhaps no-one! – and I’m not sure which I fear more!) However I’m rediscovering how much I enjoy writing, and with each new post I’m getting more confidence, feeling more inspired and also receiving positive feedback – so thank you!

And so the journey begins…I do hope you’ll join me. From little things, big things grow!

Talina x


Is there anything elemental you wish to know about me or my work?


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  1. Susan Nethercote on May 20, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Awesome! Sounds like someone I would like to work with one day ;-) Thanks for explaining that, I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you do down the track- great way to receive my ‘architectural education’ x

    • talinaedwards on May 20, 2013 at 9:27 pm

      Thanks for the support Susan! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment x

  2. Natalie Harker on May 24, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    see facebook :)

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