The first day of the rest of my (amazing) life!


My life has changed. The planets are aligning and everything seems to be falling into place. This is my first post of my new blog/website which will not only give me a presence for my new business (architectural practice), but also a voice with which to share some passions, and perhaps inspire others in the way I now feel after experiencing THE most amazing weekend. I am now more confident in the direction I’m headed, and the future looks bright!

The term “life-changing” may sound wanky, but in this case I believe its warranted. I spent two days at the “Big Hearted Business” Conference ( at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, which was dreamed up by the gorgeous, talented, big-hearted Clare Bowditch. The promo read “Do what you love, make money, save the world. (Is that too much to ask?)”, and the room was full of 200 odd creative women (& a handful of gents) who were keen to find out if their passions and talents could really translate into a successful business.

However this was not any ordinary “business” course. It was really about something much bigger than that. How can we have a meaningful life? What are our dreams? Is it possible? What’s stopping us? Clare began the weekend by strumming her guitar and singing a track “Amazing Life” from her latest album “The Winter I Chose Happiness”. It brought tears to the eyes of many in the room, as Clare has the ability to share stories through song which resonate to the core of her audience… and the energy in the room shifted – we all knew this conference was going to be amazing!

Each and every speaker who presented their story, also generously shared their pearls of wisdom and were all truly inspirational. There were many common themes throughout the weekend, that I felt I should try to summarise/interpret the essence (if that is even possible!) so the knowledge can be shared, and I can also return to these reminders when in times of doubt.


  • MIND Many of us are “Multi-passionates” and we require both left-brain and right-brain thinking. A calm “smiling-mind” will help on our journey each day.
  • BODY Our bodies need to be nourished with healthy food and excercise. These  are the foundations before anything else can happen.
  • SOUL Follow your heart, do what you love. What are your desires? Feel inspired. Nurture you. Achieve Life Balance – it is possible.
  • EMPOWERMENT We must take responsibility for ourselves. We must make the choice (“Choose Happiness”). Listen to your instinct for the answers you seek.
  • TAKE RISKS Get out of your comfort zone! Get over your fear of failure, be daring and learn from your mistakes. Start now. One step at a time. Just do it.
  • ENGAGE Continue to make connections with those who inspire, support and nourish you. Forget the rest. Make new friends. (Very different to “networking”).
  • TIME Efficient time-management requires discipline and good planning. Learn to prioritise, .
  • CONFIDENCE Believe in the value that you bring to the world. Be positive.
  • YOUR STORY What is the big picture? Set goals, acknowledged passions, and find meaning in your life.
  • SHARE Be authentic and honest about your story and other will want to share your journey with you
  • EVALUATE Welcome feedback, ask for advice, improve yourself and strive to be better! Be a role-model and an influence to those around you. (But don’t be a perfectionist, be a “completionist” – Thanks Catherine Deveny!)

All of this SHOULD be so obvious to me, as a woman. But it feels as though everything we have ever learnt, the way we’ve been educated as been from the ‘left-brain’, and from a male perspective where there is too much ego, too much competition, bullying and criticism. Businesses run by creative women with big hearts really are the future…and we all (particular the younger generations – both women and men) should have the opportunity to learn these lessons too.

So now that I and my fellow conference attendees are still on a high from the weekend, while the enthusiasm is still fresh, and while the light is still burning bright, we must seize this moment to ‘pay it forward’ and make a pledge to lead by example, and be an inspiration to others. Clare and the BHB team have started the movement. now we must lead the way…

Talina x

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  1. Renae

    Inspiring stuff Talina! Thanks for sharing – feel like we can all take something from your participation in the conference!

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